New League Rules Coming This Year!

To all Competitive Members – that’s most of you!

The League Rules are changing this year and there are some big penalties for getting it wrong.

I will emphasise later with all Team Captains but the main changes are…

  1. Each Team must play at least 3 matches before 31st December in each Division.  Failure = -3 Points

  2. Fixtures and nominations must be received by the end of September.  failure = -3 Points to each team

  3. If a match fixture cannot be fulfilled by a Team, thye opposition receive 9 Rubbers, all Games and Point scores. the defaulting Team receives a Penalty = -3 Points.  So Dont do it.

  4. Match fixture results card – must be posted or a scanned copy sent to thye League Secretary within a week of the Match taking place.  Penalty = -1 Point per team per event.

So, we have all been warned.  Team Captains must send the scorecard of all home matches to the Match secretary immediately.  If that isnt possible, send a scanned version of the completed and signed card directly to the League Secretary.  As for the other Penalties – this is self explanatory – getting tough with poor discipline and commitment.