The new year approaches!

Hello everyone.

Well, it is that time again when those sensible enough to take up a summer sport have to look in the wardrobe for their Badminton Racket. For those, like me, who decided to keep ticking over this summer, great! But it is time to get ready for a challenge this coming season and we are taking no prisoners this year!

What do I mean?

Well, we all know what happened last year and none of us are happy about it but dont be sad, it’s over, gone, a distant memory – it’s what is called in motivational parlances as a future OPPORTUNITY!

So, those ready for the challenge, get yourselves along early in September as we need the teams fighting fit for the coming season.

The Match Fixtures meeting will be held early in September and with fixture congestion always on the cards, you can expect to be playing matches from late September!

One disappointing note is that the Photo Galleries have had to be closed down.  There is a bug in the software that needs sorting out.  We will be taking some action shots this year to re-populate 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all back nice and early this year

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