This is the full list of fixtures for Jesmond Dene Badminton Club, listed chronologically. Results shall be updated at regular intervals. For team specific fixture lists, click here.

Last updated 07/02/2024

12/10/2023 7.30pm Elmfield A Ladies 1st 0-9 (LOSS)
19/10/2023 7.30pm Elmfield A Mixed 1st 6-3 (LOSS)
19/10/2023 7pm Hotspur H Mens 2nd 4-5 (LOSS)
02/11/2023 7pm NCBC H Ladies 1st 6-3 (WIN)
02/11/2023 7pm Riverside H Mens 2nd 5-4 (WIN)
07/11/2023 7pm OBA A Mens 1st 2-7 (WIN)
08/11/2023 8pm Gateshead A Mens 2nd 5-4 (LOSS)
13/11/2023 7pm Whitley Chapel H Mixed 2nd 6-3 (WIN)
15/11/2023 7pm Hexham A Mens 1st 0-9 (WIN)
23/11/2023 7pm Hexham H Mens 1st 9-0 (WIN)
24/11/2023 7.15pm Bewicke A Ladies 1st 8-1 (LOSS)
24/11/2023 7pm Hotspur A Mens 2nd 8-1 (LOSS)
26/11/2023 7pm Northumberland Club A Mixed 1st 3-6 (WIN)
30/11/2023 7pm Bewicke H Mixed 1st 5-4 (WIN)
08/12/2023 7pm NCBC A A Mixed 2nd 2-7 (WIN)
11/12/2023 7pm St Gabriels B A Mens 1st 3-6 (WIN)
14/12/2023 7pm Bewicke A H Mixed 2nd 6-3 (WIN)
08/01/2024 7pm Hexham H Mixed 1st 9-0 (WIN)
11/01/2024 7pm Elmfield H Mixed 1st 4-5 (LOSS)
18/01/2024 7pm Bewicke H Ladies 1st 1-8 (LOSS)
18/01/2024 7pm Gateshead H Mens 2nd 5-4 (WIN)
21/01/2024 3pm Riveside Morpeth A Mens 2nd 6-3 (LOSS)
22/01/2024 7pm OBA H Mens 1st 9-0 (WIN)
25/01/2024 7pm St Gabriels B H Mens 1st 7-2 (WIN)
26/01/2024 7pm NCBC A Ladies 1st 6-3 (LOSS)
29/01/2024 7pm Medicals A Mens 1st 2-7 (WIN)
01/02/2024 7pm NCBC A H Mixed 2nd 6-3 (WIN)
05/02/2024 7pm Elmfield H Ladies 1st
07/02/2024 8pm Gateshead A Mixed 2nd Gateshead Stadium
09/02/2024 7.15pm Bewicke A Mixed 1st
15/02/2024 7pm Medicals H Mens 1st
22/02/2024 7pm Gateshead H Mixed 2nd
25/02/2024 7pm Northumberland Club A Mens 2nd
28/02/2024 7pm Hexham A Mixed 1st
01/03/2024 7.15pm Bewicke A A Mixed 2nd
05/03/2024 8pm Bewicke B A Mixed 2nd
07/03/2024 7pm Northumberland Club H Mens 2nd
14/03/2024 7pm Northumberland Club H Mixed 1st
21/03/2024 7pm Whitley Chapel A Mixed 2nd
28/03/2024 7pm Bewicke B H Mixed 2nd