Visitor Info

Jesmond Dene Badminton Club welcomes all visitors and potential new members who play to club standard. Potential visitors are asked to contact our Chairman and Match Secretary Paul Deeble for more details:

Paul Deeble – 07719 010 830

Club information

The club, established over 30 years ago in the Jesmond area of Newcastle, is affiliated to Badminton England through the Northumberland County Badminton Association. We exclusively use feather shuttles and have two mixed, one ladies’ and two men’s teams playing in the Northumberland Badminton League.

The main club season runs from the beginning of September until Easter, with a two-week break during the Christmas period. Club nights take place on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7.00pm – 10.00pm at the Tyneside Badminton Centre in Slatyford, where we make use of three courts for the duration of the night. From time to time, matches do take place on these nights; during these occasions, we ensure there is at least one court available from 7.30pm onwards, with all three courts available once the match concludes.

Visitor fees are currently set to £7 per session. Everyone is welcome to come along and try the club as a visitor a few times; however, we do maintain a minimum standard and unfortunately, this means we cannot accommodate beginners or near beginners. Players with experience and/or a minimum D competition grading are very welcome to come along to the Club and give us a try but please contact us first as it can get busy!

Membership of the club is open after up to three sessions as a visitor when we will invite you to join the club if our membership committee is satisfied that your level of play fits with that of the existing club members. If we are not able to offer you a place in the club, we will endeavour to find a club for you!

If you do decide to join the club, annual fees are currently £190 which goes towards covering the clubs expenses, such as the court rental, shuttles, etc. We also offer a half membership for £130 which allows one visit per week. We do not charge a session fee over and above this, though if you are picked for a competitive league match, there is an extra £3 fee to cover the extra use of shuttles. Should you join the club later on in the season we may be able to reduce the fees accordingly (this shall be decided on a case by case basis).

We look forward to seeing you on court!